committed to intersectional, trauma-informed,

pleasure-centered clinical work in sex and gender.

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At Connective Therapy Collective, we seek to treat the whole person—
and train others to do the same. We emphasize healing trauma, eliminating shame, and ending stigma related to the full expansion and expression of sex and gender diversity. We are committed to trauma-informed, pleasure-centered, intersectional clinical work. We are here to support both individual healing and the building of intentional, well-suited, meaningful relationships of all kinds.

Meet the Collective

Keely Helmick 

Angie Gunn

Heather Simpson
MFT Intern

Elizabeth Knutsen
MSW Intern

Cambria Beirow
 Counseling Intern

Jimanekia Eborn
Consultant  971-361-8303   

5510 N Commercial Ave. Portland, OR 97217

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