Introducing: CTC Training Collective

Hello community & colleagues! We’ve all felt so isolated in this last year, and we’d like to fix that within the professional community.

Who do you go to for support, consultation and collaboration? Are you struggling to launch new programs, projects and expansion? Would you like to build community and make more of an impact through collaboration with a solid, anti-oppression rooted organization? Are your values aligned with social change, dismantling systems of oppression, and creating dynamic content based on lived experiences, centering the voices of those who have long been silenced? Are you interested in developing workshops, collaborating with other professionals and providing CE’s specific to your area of expertise? This is exactly what we want, and hope to create with others!

Your knowledge, lived experiences, identity based perspectives, and approaches to healing and growth are invaluable, and should be shared with the world in a meaningful and equitable way.

It can be really challenging to build, market & create workshop content that will be well-attended and professionally conducted— particularly as a small business. Live workshops & selling recorded content can be a primary source of income & allow for a wider impact in the world. While we’ve been doing this for a while, we also acknowledge the limitations of our lived experiences and realize the need to center others. We’ve developed a strategy to bridge these gaps. Under the AASECT Org structure you don’t have to be licensed or certified to provide CE’s as long as the content is overseen by someone who is. This means we can work together to provide professional training which centers systematically marginalized identities & lived experiences.

Introducing the CTC Training Collective!

We are seeking members to join the collective and grow with us! As a member of the Training Collective, you would have access to community, consultation, collaboration and support from our marketing and admin staff, workshop development and infrastructure to support creating and presenting content, recording and distributing it long term. You can collaborate with our amazing team or create your own content with admin support for both! We can also co-sponsor & promote one another’s work so that all our organizations can thrive.

Who should join?

  • Other clinical professionals

  • Coaches

  • Yoga/Massage/ Bodywork professionals

  • Eastern Healing Modalities (Reiki, Cranial Sacral, Qi Gong)

  • Businesses who provide anti-oppression/ equity based consulting/work

  • Humans with unique/systematically marginalized identities who have capacity to educate others (i.e: gender non-conforming folks, diverse race and ethnicity folks, differing abilities, fat bodies etc.)

  • Others! (just ask- see contact info below)

All the workshops & content under the Collective umbrella are:

  • Accessible- i.e. captioning, audio and visual accommodations

  • Anti-Oppression- emphasizing, centering marginalized voices & decolonizing the healing world

  • Participatory in nature (ideally 60% engagement of participants)- including resources & link sharing at the end

  • Private- for participants to honor their identity in participation

  • Highly Promoted- both at the time of the live workshop, and after (as a recording)- access to our network of colleagues and followers

  • Supported- during: by an admin staff who helps with logistics and ensuring the quality of the content.

  • Provide CE’s to attendees- with an AASECT org status as long as Angie Gunn is overseeing the content, anyone can present and share knowledge, most CE bodies honor AASECT CE’s (we’re also applying for APA approval).

  • Available After On Our Website- for purchase & delivery, without any infrastructure needed on your end (we will track & send payouts quarterly).

Cost & Benefit break-down:

  • It’s free to join the Collective! We really want to build professional colleagues and communities as healing organizations.

  • As a member you’ll have access to professional collaboration and building community.

  • We will have a database of providers to collaborate with, and share resources regularly.

  • We will hold regular meetings and peer consultation around anti-oppression (including anti-racism, abolitionist approaches, and inclusive sex and gender perspectives)

We have three pathways developed:

  1. Collective Member: As a regular member you can benefit from the community and collaboration, and we will share and promote your events and content with you, and/or co-sponsor your work to expand its reach. Our only ask is that you’d do the same for ours.

  2. Collective Training Partner: If you create your own content with admin/ clinical support from the collective, the breakdown is as follows:

  3. ticket sales: 70%

  4. Passive sales from recordings: 80%

  5. Collective Training Collaborator- If you collaborate with our staff and team to create content:

  6. ticket sales: 50%

  7. Passive sales from recordings: 50%

If you’re interested, please reach out at to schedule a meeting!

Thanks for what you do!

Angie Gunn LCSW CST (she/they)

Group practice owner, certified sex therapist, licensed clinical social worker, supervisor, trainer