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Emily Metro


Professional Counselor Associate

Art and Talk Therapy, Trauma-informed (PTSD and complex-PTSD), Grief work, Existential Humanistic, Parts work, Mindfulness practices

Accepting New Clients!

Hi, I’m Emily! I identify as White, gender-fluid, queer, and able-bodied. I grew up on the east coast and moved cross country to Portland in 2021 at the age of 40 to pursue my dream of becoming an art therapist. My two main passions since I was a child have been art and mental health of the individual and collective. I intuitively combined both practices into my own personal internal work throughout my adult life, directly experienced its benefits, and graduated with a masters in art therapy at Lewis & Clark Graduate School in 2024.

I am passionate about creating a safe space for individuals to explore their inner world and relational dynamics. I am curious about how we can safely engage with all parts of our unique human experiences, even the painful ones, and how this can lead to stronger connections with ourselves, others, and a deeper engagement with life. Trauma and grief often freezes time, so our bodies and nervous system can get stuck. I help people affirm their experiences, integrate them into the present day, and connect to future goals.

As a White female-bodied person, I consistently recognize my privilege and how this impacts the way I am able to navigate in the world. I aim to do my best at recognizing others' unique experiences, limitations placed by society, and strive to critically reflect upon each individual’s unique, beautiful, and diverse intersections.

I practice art and talk therapy from a trauma-informed, Existential Humanistic (EH), and grief counseling approach utilizing art and the Expressive Therapies Continuum (ETC). The ETC is a guide that art therapists use to help understand clients' artwork, nervous system responses, and interactions with art media. Art Therapy (AT) is a form of expressive communication which can support the limitations of language. There are no art skills required and can be utilized as a form of play and mindfulness. Existential Humanistic perspective believes there is a natural drive for humans to grow and move towards autonomy, authenticity, and future possibilities. Within the initial consultation and intake, we will discuss which methodologies will best suit your treatment goals.

Emily Metro
Accepted Insurance

OHP, Health Share, Open Card, Trillium, InterCommunity, Yamhill, Eastern Oregon Coordinated, Providence, Pacific Source, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Regence, Anthem

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