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Melisa De Seguirant


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (Oregon & California)

Holistic therapy, EMDR, parts work, Art Therapy, queer & non-monogamy focused, individual therapy

❌ Not Accepting New Clients

I am an openly bisexual, neurodivergent, nonbinary, polyamorous person and I am passionate about working with others in the LGBTQ+, neurodivergent, non-monogamous and other historically stigmatized communities. I hold privileges as a white, financially secure, able-bodied person and welcome open conversation about any ways in which these factors may impact my clients.

I place a high value on honoring the unique nature of the client-therapist relationship dynamic. I see therapy as a collaborative process and view myself as an apt clinician but most prominently a fellow human journeying down my own path towards integration, self acceptance and holistic wellbeing. I aim to show up authentically in session and empower my clients towards ownership over their healing process, acknowledging and actively dismantling the power differential inherent in the therapist-client relationship.

My approach to therapy is integrative, weaving together elements of psychoeducation, mindfulness, narrative therapy, parts work, somatic experiencing and the expressive arts. I additionally use Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) in order to help my clients move through and integrate traumatic experiences.

I invested my first 25 years of life intensively honing my artistic skills towards a career in the performing arts. I take special interest in exploring the intersections of creativity, sexuality, spirituality and mental wellbeing when it resonates with my clients. Those who choose to work with me are invited to actively invest in ongoing self-inquiry, body work, community-building and creative and/or spiritual growth.

Melisa De Seguirant
Accepted Insurance

OHP, Trillium, Open Card, CareOregon, Self pay, Providence, Pacific Source, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Atena

Out-Of-Pocket Prices

Don't have insurance? See below for our self pay options.

Sliding scale is available for those with financial hardships!

Email us at 

for sliding scale inquiries.

50 min. Individual Session: $150

50 min. Couples Session:

$200 Assessment for Medical Transition:

$200 Case Management:

$35/15 min Groups:


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