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Natalya Haight


CMHC Graduate Intern

Teens/Sex therapy /CBT, DBT

🟢 Accepting new clients

Hello everyone, my name is Natalya. I am 26 years old, cis-gendered heterosexual  able-bodied female. I am an adoptee from Guatemala. I am a second-year graduate  student at George Fox University studying clinical mental health. I am outgoing,  optimistic, and a loving individual. My goal as an intern is to create a safe space for  clients to help them build their skills and help them find their way in this hectic world we  currently live in. 

I attended Pacific University for my undergraduate degree, where I received a Bachelor  of Arts in psychology with a minor in gender and sexuality. I have experienced working  with children in residential settings, which only grew my passion for CBT and DBT  techniques and working with children and teens. I also continue to increase my sexual  education and sexual health knowledge while I work at Lovers, an adult store. I hope  that throughout my internship, I am able to use my past knowledge to help others and  learn new skills from my colleagues through their mentorship. My goal is to be  collaborative with clients, to build strong rapport and trust, and work with them to find  their strengths and coping skills and help them improve their well-being. 

For self-care, I enjoy dancing, traveling, and riding horses. I spend a lot of time  decompressing by playing with my dogs and working out as well. My friends and family  are excellent supporters of me, and I enjoy spending time with them. A great element of  my well-being is the close connections I have with others, and I hope to incorporate that  within my internship and my time here. I look forward to meeting you.

Natalya Haight
Accepted Insurance

OHP, Open Card, CareOregon, Trillium, Self pay

Out-Of-Pocket Prices

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