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Sable Carrier


Marriage, Couples, and Family Therapy Graduate Intern

Emotion-focused therapy and socio-emotional relationship therapy

🟢 Accepting new clients

I am a white, currently able-bodied, queer, nonbinary individual who grew up in Southern California. Coming from a White and middle class family, I approach therapy with cultural humility and acknowledge the privilege my familial background has afforded me.

I am a graduate-level intern currently working towards licensure as a Marriage, Couples, and Family Therapist (LMFT) at Lewis & Clark College. My therapeutic approach relies on emotional focused therapy and socio-emotional relationship therapy. You are the expert in your lived experience and I acknowledge that therapy is not a one size fits all. Together we can create an environment in which you feel safe, respected, and heard. My goal is to assist and empower individuals to find their personal strengths, explore and express their underlying thoughts, feelings, and needs, and facilitate individuals in identifying and confronting how power dynamics and privilege affects our lives. Our lives are inextricably linked to the systems that we are involuntarily thrown into. Through this systemic lens, I recognize how particular societal structures inform our values, needs, and wants. 

I honor all identities and will hold space for all races, ethnicities, genders, sexualities, relationship configurations, and abilities. I look forward to working with individuals, couples, and families. I have previous experience working with folks on the Autism Spectrum but welcome folks from all marginalized communities.

Sable Carrier
Accepted Insurance

OHP, CareOregon, Trillium, Open Card, Yamhill CCO, Pacific Source, InterCommunity, Self Pay

Out-Of-Pocket Prices

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Sliding scale is available for those with financial hardships!

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