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Shannon Hayter


Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy Graduate Intern

Queer identities and relationships,
intergenerational relationships, parenting, chosen family, addiction.
Socio-Emotional Relationship Theory and Acceptance
Commitment Therapy

Accepting New Clients!

I am a white, cis-gendered, able-bodied, queer woman. I belong to a co-

created intergenerational, multi-racial, queer chosen family. I recognize

the unearned privilege I experience in my family, my community, and

society at large based on the body I inhabit. Through continued

education and cultural humility, I continue to confront how I prevent

equity in my relationships and communities. My constant hope is to keep

growing in my awareness.

I am a graduate-level intern in the process of gaining my Marriage,

couple, and family therapy master’s degree from Lewis & Clark

College. I have experience helping individuals and families understand

their unique abilities and needs, find and utilize resources that build their

agency, and support one another through trauma and revitalization. This

work is also deeply personal to me. I experience(d) the heartbreak of

self-becoming in communities unprepared to nurture and celebrate me.

Because of my path, I am devoted to helping others reshape their

concepts of family, community, self-expression, desire, and love. The

most expansive change happens in relationships where we grow into

ourselves and one another. Collective healing is my guiding principle.

I work within socio-emotional relational therapy and acceptance and

commitment therapy lenses. Societal pressures, relational rules, and our

unique makeup weave together and shape who and how we are with

one another. We can break these aspects down and see how each

person’s beliefs, values, and privileges impact oneself and our

relationships. This allows us to consider where we align, or don’t, and envision alternatives. As you share your stories, we will work together to

recognize, be with, and grow toward the changes you seek.

In my presence, I hope you find space to breathe deeply, feel wholly, and

experience awareness. While therapy can be arduous, I believe it is also

beautiful and joyful. I promise to make room for all the realms of reality

you visit on this journey of becoming more of yourself. I look forward to

learning from you and with you.

Shannon Hayter
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OHP, Health Share, Open Card, Trillium, InterCommunity, Yamhill, Eastern Oregon Coordinated

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