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Vanessa Jerusalimiec


Professional Counselor Graduate Intern

Queer affirming, ethical non-monogamy, parts work, narrative,
existentialism, mindfulness

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I’m a graduate student at Yorkville University, Canada, working toward licensure as a professionalcounselor. I identify as non-binary, queer, and polyamorous. I’m also a recent immigrant to the US. I’ve always been passionate about understanding others’ perspectives. In my early 20s I followed my curiosity on a trip around the world, and spent 7 years living, working, and traveling in Asia and South America. Back in North America, I maintain this curiosity towards our systems and ways of being, constantly questioning societal structures and norms that oppress, restrict, and exclude.

I practice within an intersectional, trauma-informed framework, seeking to hear and understand my clients’ lived experiences. As a white, able-bodied, financially secure, often cis-het presenting person, I recognize the privileges afforded to me within the dominant culture, and I’m open to discussing these factors with my clients.

My practice centers gender identity and exploration, sexuality, ethical non-monogamy, and religious trauma. My integrative approach draws on Internal Family Systems, existentialism, attachment, narrative, mindfulness, and emotion-focused theories. I offer a nonjudgmental space where clients can show up as their authentic selves. I work collaboratively with clients, empowering them to participate fully in their healing journey, open to self-acceptance, and welcome joy while learning to navigate systems that seek to confine us.

In my free time, I enjoy reading, checking out new coffee shops, thrifting, deconstructing capitalism, camping, and going on long rambles around the neighborhood.

Vanessa Jerusalimiec
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OHP, CareOregon, Trillium, Open Card, InterCommunity, Yamhill CCO, Pacific Source, Self Pay

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