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Anti-Colonial Practices

 So-called Portland resides on the land of the Chinook, Kathlamet, Multnomah, Molalla, Clackamas, Tualatin Kalapuya, and other Tribes who made their homes along the Columbia River. What happened to, and continues to happen to the Tribal Nations of Turtle Island cannot be easily summed up. It is every persons duty to educate themselves on whose land it is that one is currently occupying and how to best pay tribute to those Nations. The genocide that continues to occur on this land is something we must actively fight against- we understand it is pervasive and systemic. We must actively show up for the Indigenous peoples, and rightful owners of this land until all land is eventually returned to them. 

In our practice, every day, we hope to be an organization where indigenous people feel they are seen, accepted, and uplifted. As a collective, we strive to operate from a decolonial mindset. We believe that healing from historical and intergenerational trauma is possible. We also understand it is our job to push back on colonial structures of erasure where they appear not only in the therapy but in our lives day to day. We believe in Tribal and Indigenous Sovereignty, and understand that reparations are a critical part of that. One way to offer direct reparations is by giving to any of the multitude of Indigenous led organizations that serve Indigenous people.


Please consider visiting and contributing to the organizations below:

- Indigenous Food Sovereignty PDX

- Indigenous Mutual Aid



- Enby Spoken Histories

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