Sex positivity, activism, and an intersectional perspective drive our work with clients. As a team, we are predominantly queer, exceptionally sex-positive in our own lives, and seeking our fullest expression as humans and professionals.  While we can treat anyone with sexuality or trauma-related needs, the clients we specialize in include: 

  • Queer, trans, gender non-conforming and questioning folks

  • Kinky/ Fetish/ Pro-Dom(me)'s and lifestyle members

  • Sex Workers of all types, including dancers 

  • Individuals and couples who are non-monogamous

  • Sexual violence survivors including sex trafficking survivors

  • Folks dealing with the impact of oppression, racism, transphobia, heterosexism, mononormativity, and/or whorephobia

We can provide individual, family, or couples therapy; including, polycules and non traditional family configurations. Each clinician has their own unique clinical approach, so we can work together to find what theoretical models, strategies and approaches will work best for you. 

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