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Group Therapy

Learn more about yourself in a facilitated group that focuses on topics such as gender, grief, and more.

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Group Therapy allows for a different access point to your individual issues.

 Whether you're on a waitlist or maybe not interested in Individual or Relationship Therapy, Group Therapy may be able to help!

Different groups have different styles, some focus on psychoeducation and learning helpful new information, developing new skills, or processing and connecting with a small group of peers. You’ll be surrounded by people who are also dedicated to the topic area and provide different insights and identities in the same conversation. 

Queer and/or Trans
Drop In Group

This is a drop-in group open to those who are over 18 that live in Oregon, and who identify as part of the LGBTQIA2+ community, or are exploring gender expression and/or queer identity.


This group meets virtually every week on Thursdays at 4 pm PST.

The group is FREE and is hosted by Jennie FreimoEller and Riley Kastenhuber.


In this group we will cover topics such as:

  • Building Connections in Queer Community

  • Exploring Relationship Structures, Sex, and Sexuality

  • Navigating Identity Expression

  • Impact of Social Expectations on Mental Health


To register, please fill out the information below.

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