Queer & Trans Affirming:

Gender expansive & affirming of all identities & expressions.

Community & Mutual Growth:

Creating opportunities for building community, professional connection & collaboration.

Centering Marginalized Folks:

Practicing intersectional,

anti-oppression & decolonizing work. Specifically creating clinical space for sex worker & POC communities.

Sex Expansive:

Pleasure-centered, affirming of all identities (ace/demi/non-allo), kink/ fetish, & non-monogamous relationship structures.

At Connective Therapy Collective, we seek to treat the whole person, and train others to do the same. We emphasize healing trauma, eliminating shame, and ending stigma related to the full expansion and expression of sex and gender diversity. We are committed to trauma-informed, pleasure-centered, intersectional clinical work. We are here to support both individual healing and the building of intentional, well-suited, meaningful relationships of all kinds. Due to licensing requirements, we can treat clients in Oregon (with a few exceptions for clients in Idaho and California).

As a team, we center the experiences of folks who've traditionally been marginalized, many of the team members also share those identities and seek to be in community with those we care for while upholding ethical standards and clinical best practices.

Communities we belong to & seek to support

  • Queer, trans, gender non-conforming, and questioning folks

  • Kinky/ Fetish/ Pro-Dom(me)'s and lifestyle members

  • Sex Workers of all types

  • Individuals and couples who are non-monogamous

  • Sexual assault survivors, sex trafficking survivors

  • Folks dealing with the impact of oppression, racism, transphobia, heterosexism, mononormativity, and/or whorephobia

Therapists & Counselors

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Administrative Staff