Sex Therapy 101
OCTOBER 14 from 5-7pm PST
presented by Keely Helmick LPC, CST

Sex therapy is a deep & broad field which requires extensive training, supervision and support. And yet, every therapist will encounter client challenges associated with sex, gender and relationships, regardless of their training or modality. Join us in this collaborative conversation led by Keely Helmick LPC CST. In this 101 workshop we’ll review the basics of sex and gender therapy including providing competent care to diverse identities, common interventions and strategies for addressing sexuality needs, and explore case examples. Making space for centering sexuality needs is a paradigm shift that’s necessary for every therapist to practice.

Sex Therapy 201:
For Therapists

OCTOBER 26 from 5-7 pm PST
presented by Angie Gunn LCSW, CST

In this interactive conversation we’ll explore the overarching themes in the field, the basic premises for doing the work ethically and effectively, and current models and adaptations available. Participants will practice applying new concepts to case studies, and engage in active discourse about pros and cons of approaches, and alternatives for inclusive and anti-oppression based sex therapy. 


(Note: if you haven’t had other sex therapy introductions, please purchase and watch the sex therapy 101 course before taking this one)



One of the main tenets of Ethical Non-monogamy being transparency- how do you decide what is or isn't important information to share and to receive about yours and your partner's relationships? How do you honor your own needs, while also understanding and adapting to boundaries of others in your relationship world? Join us as we negotiate all of these questions & more in Disclosure & Non-Monogamy: Agreements & boundaries to maximize well-being for all.

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