This class will be focused on perspectives of survivors, inclusive of the experience of BIPOC, LGBTQIPA+, and sex worker specific survivors. We will be digging into the impact of trauma on various areas of life, ways the trauma manifests long term (ie: physical/ social/ relational/ psychological effects) and creating empowerment and healing through ritual, self care, community, and clinical tools. You are more than your sexual trauma, you deserve access to pleasure on your terms.

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Relationship transitions resemble trauma symptoms and patterning in our bodies. This trauma can be exacerbated by the reactions of other partners, the intensity of the decoupling required, and the presence of support or lack thereof. This workshop will explore the challenges these dynamics present, and ways that we can be intentional in seeking to connect and at times disconnect. We will support individual healing approaches, as well as addressing the loss in the larger network. Strategies for protecting the rest of the relationship network as well as your own well-being will be coupled with discussion and group exploration of the ethics and values driving non-monogamous partnering.

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We live in a world where sexual shame inhibits and controls sexual expression and prevents connection and pleasure. Porn and diverse arousal patterns are often targets for hate and oppression related to sexual expression. In this discussion based workshop we go through activities to encourage unpacking of personal internalized bias and shame and moving towards new opportunities for pleasure and connection in your body.

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  • An Anarchist's Valentine's Day Celebration

  • Non-Monogamy & Trauma

  • Gender Dysphoria

  • Sexuality Post Christianity

  • Fighting Shame in Sex Therapy

  • Therapy with Non-Monogamous Couples

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