Know your partner(s) & connect with them better!

Five exercises designed by therapists to deepen your understanding of yourself and your relationships.


Personal values vs relationship values

Dive in to the difference between personal values and values in your relationships and discover where there may be conflicts between the two.


Vulnerability & Being Seen

Determine how vulnerable you're able to get with each other, and learn skills to practice to deepen your connection.


Power Dynamics

As much as it's difficult to admit, chances are privilege plays a role in your relationship. Identify what may be creating a power dynamic so you can create a more equal footing. 

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Connective Therapy Collective is a group of licensed relationship and sex therapists in Portland, Oregon.


We seek to treat the whole person, and train others to do the same.

We emphasize healing trauma, eliminating shame, and ending stigma related to the full expansion and expression of sex and gender diversity.

We are committed to trauma-informed, pleasure-centered, intersectional clinical work.


We are here to support both individual healing and the building of intentional, well-suited, meaningful relationships of all kinds.


Due to licensing requirements, we can treat clients in Oregon (with a few exceptions for clients in Idaho and California). But we've recently been able to offer workshops open to people nationwide.

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