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Have you spent months or years in therapy, and still feel like you barely scratch the surface?

We're providing a new pathway to making significant strides in healing your trauma, accessing sexual pleasure, and rebuilding your relationship.

Join one of our licensed sex and relationship therapists for a month of digging deep, shifting patterns, healing yourselves and your partnership. With specific expertise in trauma, attachment, oppression, queer relationships, kink dynamics and non-monogamy we have the capacity to create a portal for transformation. Our intensives are open to individuals and couples of all identities.


    4 - Week

    Intensive Structure

    Partner with us to dive deeply into the barriers to pleasure and connection, while creating a pathway to integration of your sexual self. Intensive sex therapy combined with trauma interventions provides the space to accelerate healing and create a concrete path forward, in a matter of weeks. The series is equivalent to about 15 hours of therapy over the course of a month.


    Week 1:  90 min session to complete a comprehensive assessment, treatment plan, and trauma and erotic template mapping to solidify the path forward.

    Week 2:  3-5 hours of therapy + homework. Begin deep diving into who you are, where you've been and where you want to go. Interventions include somatic, sex positive, trauma informed, attachment anchored individualized clinical strategies.

    Week 3: 3-5 hours of therapy + homework. Deeper exploration of stuck places, including healing trauma wounds and creating new frameworks for expanding your sexual and relational self.

    Week 4: Two 60 min follow up sessions to integrate learning and plan future support, including potential maintenance sessions after. 


    4 - Week Intensive Structure

    Your relationship deserves the chance to succeed. We often get caught in the cycles of blame, shame and trauma activation, repeating harm while creating more distance between us. This is the ultimate killer of closeness and sexual connection. Months of couples therapy can perpetuate the divide; you don't need a stop gap measure, you need a new path. Work collaboratively with your licensed and trained couples therapist to triage and heal the relationship quickly and effectively, while planning for future sustainability. We have specific expertise in queer relationships, anti-oppression, kink dynamics, sex work and non-monogamy. The series is equivalent to about 20 hours of therapy over the course of a month.

    Week 1:  45 min. sessions with each person to complete a comprehensive assessment and gain understanding of the relationship challenges and future goals

    Week 2: 4-6 hours of therapy + homework. Create a map for addressing harm, healing relational trauma, identifying barriers to pleasure and building bridges to eroticism and reconnection. Interventions include Imago, Gottman and EFT couples therapy, and somatic, sex positive, trauma informed, attachment anchored clinical strategies.

    Week 3: 4-6 hours of therapy + homework. Concrete facilitation of relationship repair, strategies for reconnection and healing, and homework geared towards retraining patterns of engagement.

    Week 4: Two 60 min. follow up sessions to integrate learning and plan future support including the potential for maintenance sessions.


When you pay for weekly therapy for a year, you will spend on average 5-8k. And yet, did you get what you needed from that year of passive reflection? Our approach is concrete, targeted and tailored to your individual needs. Long term it's more cost effective and sustainable in terms of change. 

Depending on your specific treatment needs, pricing will range from $1,500 for individuals approximately $4,000 for couples and families. 

Payment plans are available for all of our intensives.

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