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It's really important that you get the help you need. Unfortunately, we can't reply immediately when there is a crisis. If you're suicidal or fearing for your safety or the safety of others, please click below.

Domestic violence, sexual assault
or fearing for your safety?

Your safety and well-being is of the utmost concern to us. Click below for domestic. interpersonal violence resources. If you're currently in danger, call 911 or your local police. If you don't feel safe contacting the police, click here. 

Guided Meditations

Tree of Life

00:00 / 15:28

Letting Go of Worry

00:00 / 05:14

Body Scan

00:00 / 10:51

Flowing Stream

00:00 / 05:17

One Word At a Time

00:00 / 06:25

Remembered Wellness

00:00 / 01:04

Meditation for Sleep

00:00 / 18:33

Present Moment Awareness

00:00 / 10:30

Sitting With Uncertainty: A Trauma Informed Conversation Around Embodiment & Pleasure During Chaos

Join us for an interactive digital conversation around sitting with the current uncertainties of life, meaning, identity, and personal well-being. Angie Gunn of Connective Therapy Collective and Jess DeVries, Sex and Intimacy Coach, explore the existential challenges facing each of us, the search for meaning and belonging during chaos, and strategies for connection with ourselves and others.

Sheltering While Trans: Coping With Covid19 For Gender Expansive People

Join us for an interactive digital conversation around coping and resiliency during this stressful time. Angie Gunn of Connective Therapy Collective and Cole Prophet LPC explore in conversation the common themes their gender expansive clients face, as well as success stories in how to stay connected, grounded, and strong.

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