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Anarchist Love Principles

The focus of true anarchist love should always be collective liberation. It should stem from the desire for true community and accountability to one another without hierarchies. We put together this list of some anarchist love principles.

  1. Oppression & power dynamics are named and addressed in all relationships continuously.

  2. Autonomy & personal well-being created through clear boundaries and the communication of wants and needs.

  3. Maintains personal responsibility and reinforces self-worth as distinct from external love.

  4. All identities, expressions and orientations have space in love and partnerships (ie: Polyamorous, kinky, Bisexual, Ace, Demi, Grey, non-allosexual folks etc.) .

  5. Addresses assumptions and expectations continuously.

  6. Aware of the layers of trauma and attachment injury present and adaptable as a result

  7. Organic, intentional, non-linear growth and change is likely and celebrated.

  8. Kinship, friendship, family and community love are all just as valuable as one another, and time is invested in these connections (the need for each at any time will fluctuate).

  9. Agreements are mutual, flexible and ongoing, building trust through clear communication- conflict is possible and encouraged (everyone is voicing thoughts honestly with potential for being wrong and experiencing discomfort).

  10. Love is non competitive and non comparison driven, it is infinite and abundant.

  11. Equal space to choose and change: one another, the structure and dynamics you want (ie: move out of default monogamy, heterosexuality, and gendered roles).

  12. Sex & connection is a gift, freely given and shared, consent is always ongoing and individual.

For more resources on anarchism please follow & pay people like (instagram names below)

- @IndigenousAnarchist

- @Phaggot.Planet

- @anarchist.environmentalist

for the work they do in educating us on what it means to truly love one another and the land we inhabit.


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