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Pamela Zigo


Clinical Social Work Graduate Intern

Ecotherapy, narrative, emotion-focused, movement & somatics, LGBTQ+, beyond monogamy, kink

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Hello, I’m Pamela, a graduate level intern pursuing my degree through Portland State University on the path of becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

My journey began as a middle class punk in suburban Ohio. My desire to become immersed in queer, radical, liberatory, eco-spiritual community pulled me towards the epic misty grey and lush greenery of the pacific northwest over a decade ago. I am a white, queer, neuro-divergent and currently able-bodied pansexual genderflexible cis woman. Understanding that social location and identity significantly affect perspective and lived experience, I move with dedication  to anti-oppressive practices and self-reflection. I value transparency and welcome discourse around the ways dynamics of privilege and power impact our relationship in therapy and the world at large.

For over a decade, I have worked as a survivor advocate, peer counselor, and consent culture educator in various grassroots and professional contexts. I am experienced in facilitation of individual, interpersonal, and group harmony-finding; healing, discovery, ritual, shadow work, relational processes, and conflict transformation. 

My guiding goal as a person and practitioner is to promote liberation. Much of our lives are determined by systems that surround us, many of which create barriers to empowerment, embodiment, and freedom… amidst all these layers of complexity, what does it look like for you to access your most free and potent self?  In therapy I endeavor to create a safe and accepting space to take deep breaths, get grounded, unpack, expand insight, and craft your path forward from this place in your story. I support clients to develop personal practices of liberation which can include cultivating an adaptive and choiceful relationship to the body, inner parts, and a sense of belonging in the web of aliveness, skills for self-determination, coping, catharsis, grief pleasure, boundaries, clarity, and tools that improve your ability to thrive in relationships and this world.

Pamela Zigo
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