Centering the experiences of queer, gender expansive, Black, Indigenous, & People of color; as well as erotically marginalized clients.

Specializing in supporting sex workers, complex trauma survivors, those in non-monogamous or kinky relationships, and folx of any flavor.

Providing a pathway for Individuals and couples fighting for sexual liberation and connection.

We have a space for you within the collective.

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upholding these organizational values daily:

Queer & Trans Affirming:

Gender expansive and affirming of all identities and expressions 

Community & Mutual Growth:

Creating opportunities for building community, and professional connection and collaboration

Sex Expansive:

Pleasure-centered, affirming of all identities (ace/demi/non-allo), kink/ fetish, and non-monogamous relationship structures

Centering Marginalized Folks:

Practicing intersectional, anti-oppression and decolonizing work. Specifically creating clinical space for sex work communities, biPOC communities, and 

We are also accepting donations to help fund services for clients who are now unemployed or impacted by COVID and/or racial trauma.


Thank you in advance for your continued support!


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